Spring naar hoofd-inhoud


Alle verbruiksartikelen voor uw productie

Of je nu clips, lussen, darmen, vacuumzakken, krimpzakken, netten, kruiden of additieven nodig hebt - wij kunnen het allemaal leveren.

Voor elke toepassing de juiste oplossing

Poly-clip System

Clips and Loops

So that your products are not put at risk, the clip should be completely free from drawing oils and grease, that is to say food-proof in accordance with food regulations. For this purpose, Poly-clip System has developed the SAFETY-CLIP SYSTEM. The food-proof SAFE-COAT safety coating in particular guarantees maximum hygiene.


Artificial Casings

All types of casing for simple applications as well as fast automated processes.

Designed for maximum yield and schelflife of your products.

For every product the right solution.


High-performance, Technically Engineered Films

Technically developed to deliver functional performance, extended product shelf life and product freshness, Coveris’ EVOH films enable the application of oxygen barrier properties to single-substrate materials via sophisticated co-extrusion technology.

Promar PPH

We Flavour Your Life

This philosophy perfectly reflects the quality of Promar's offer in functional additives, flavour agents, spice blends and alginate casings as well as breading systems.