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Promar PPH

Promar PPH has been a company active in the food industry for over 30 years. During this time, they have become one of the main players on the Europe market and have successfully entered international markets. There modern production facility meets the strict BRC 8 and IFS standards. They have their own microbiological laboratory. As a result, we offer Kosher, Halal, Bio and allergen-free products, and our R&D department creates individual solutions for demanding customers.

Every day, they work with matter as volatile as taste. For us, responsibility in business means daily creative work in following trends, creating new solutions and inspiring us as business partners. By actively working together to maintain the highest standards of customer service, we offer them our stability, repeatability and exceptional expertise; we are a source of competence and support in the area of product development. They do it with joy, driven by enthusiasm and a constant hunger for challenges.

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