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Norbech was established in 1985 by Bjarne Normann Jensen. In May 2019, Kurt Bech Christensen bought Uni-Food Technic and is the current CEO with Bjarne as the new Key Account Director.

During the first five years the company focused on trading, and from 1990 the company expanded with the addition of production facilities producing and developing technological equipment for the food industry in particular.

In 1998 a new factory was built and the company expanded. Today it employs a staff of 28 employees.

The main activity is designing and developing innovative production lines for salmon, white fish, mackerel and herring. In recent years many more species such as Barramundi and Tilapia have been added to our repertoire.

Norbech produces intelligent, fully automatic machineries that reduce the need for operators. Hereby reducing labour costs and reducing the risk of contamination. 

Norbech also produces machinery that requires manual operation. However, all products from Uni-Food Technic are always made in order to accommodate the demand from the end customers.

Norbech is considered a competent business partner that goes to great lengths to accommodate the customer's needs and create custom made lines as well as individual machines to fit into existing facilities.

The main production is produced for the fish processing industry and approx. 90% of the production is exported to Norway, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Scotland and Canada.

The company continously undergoes product development to ensure high-tech machinery, hygiene safety and operation convenience.



Uni-Food Technic produces and develops technological equipment for the fish industry especially salmon processing equipment.

We produce intelligent fully automatic fish machinery that reduces the need for labour cost, which enables our customers to be compatible in places where efficiency is the key to success.


Anaesthetic tub, gill cutting tables, bleeding tanks, salmon gutting units, cooling tanks, grading/packing systems, box dispenser systems, ice-dosers and ice-storages with a capacity of 10-80 tonnes etc.


De-heading machines, de-sliming machines, de-scaling machines, trimming lines with yield control, skinning machines, pin-bone removers etc.



Salt injectors, dry salting arrangements, loading system for smoke trolleys, smoke grates and smoke trolleys, fresh slicers etc.


Complete filleting lines with yield control systems, packing systems etc.


Filleting lines, batchweighing/packing systems, stripcutting machines etc.


Freezing tunnels, custom made handling equipment, low pressure cleaning systems for cleaning of factories etc.