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The best decision

70 years of successful production on a high quality level – this is the continuity which the brand AUTOTHERM is staying for. AUTOTHERM has constantly evolved to deliver outstanding solutions to customers worldwide based on their wide experience, competence and quality in regard to steaming, smoking, climatising and defrosting solutions for the food industry.

Now in the third generation as a purely privately owned family business, AUTOTHERM can look back on a continuous and successful history of development, which offers the customer the certainty that he will make the best decision wth his next investment.

This is exactly the reason why we have chosen to represent AUTOTHERM in the belgian market.

Solutions by AUTOTHERM

Universal Smoking chambers

The all-rounders among the smoking units are AUTOTHERM‘s UNIVERSAL smoking and cooking chambers.

Steamsmoke chambers

Measurable profits … day by day! Due to the extremely short smoking times of the AUTOTHERM steam-smoke process and the natural moisture, the steam-smoke reduces smoking times by up to 40% and weight losses by up to 3% compared to conventional smoke systems.

Controlled climate storage and curing chambers

Electronic registration of temperature and rel. humidity ensures perfect program sequences, easy operation, low energy consumption and flexibility.