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The quick analyser of the next generation.

Product analysis with NIR spectroscope for the food industry. Or in other words: mylab is a high-precision measuring instrument for real-time monitoring of the composition of food (especially meat and sausage products and cheese). This new rapid analysis system enables the user to carry out fast and cost-effective on-site analysis throughout the entire production process.

The measurement is carried out within a few seconds in a non-contact and non-destructive manner without the need for additional chemicals. mylab is supplied by the manufacturer with a robust basic calibration for meat and sausage products or cheese, so that the measuring device is immediately ready for use. An adaptation to the user's products is possible at any time at a reasonable price.

For meat and sausage products, 21 parameters are measured, including food information (KJ/kcal, fat, saturated fatty acids, carbohydrates, including sugar, protein and salt), pH value, AW value, ash, BEVVG content (collagen-free protein), water/protein ratio, water addition (Feder's method), dry matter, etc. For cheese products, the fat content, moisture content, protein and fat in dry matter are measured.

The advantages of mylab: fast results, easy operation, network integration possible. You no longer have to wait for results from the laboratory, but can check incoming raw materials, carry out checks during production and analyse your product before delivery.

Get in touch with us. We will show you how you can significantly improve your production efficiency with the help of MyLab.

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